Movie downloads my computer The Soldier and the Elephant, A. Shtrimaytite, Steponas Kosmauskas, Valentina Davtyan (1978) [mts] [Bluray] [1680x1050] Soviet Union


The Soldier and the Elephant

The Soldier and the Elephant

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Tags: Drama  Comedy  War 
Released:11 March 1978
Mher Mkrtchyan, A. Shtrimaytite, V. Rindin, Vladimir Pitsek, Ovanes Vanyan, Valentina Davtyan, Steponas Kosmauskas, Vadim Grachyov, Aleksey Bakhar, Aleksey Dmitriev, A. Morkovskis, Igor Medvedev, G. Krishtal, Armen Khostikyan, Yelena Maksimova
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germany, soldier, elephant, zoo, yerevan
8/10 (Votes: 589)
79 min
Language:English, Russian, Armenian
Dmitri Kesayants
Soldier Armenak is sent on an extraordinary assignment - to bring an elephant from Germany to the Yerevan Zoo.

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